Come to Classic Exotica to experience the Stars in the air. The non polluted area allows you to have those romantic nights which now-a-days the city has lost this charm of experiencing the romance of the stars. Feel the fresh breeze in the air have a candle light dinner in your own terrace enjoy life only at Classic Exotica.

Carve A dream out on an Exotica Platter

CLASSIC CONSTRUCTION - Engineers & Contractors

Admn. Off. :
14, Shaheen Building, Azam Campus, 2390 K.B. Hidayatullah Road, New Modikhana, Camp, Pune - 411 001

For Booking Contact :
830 830 3388, 88888 67678 / 67679

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Developers reserve all absolute rights to change, cancel, amend any plans, layout, amenities / specifications, etc. Without assigning any prior notice.